Japanese style bedroom

The minimalist Japanese theme in the interior is gaining more and more supporters and gradually conquers the territory of the bedroom. Why is this style so popular? Japanese interiors are exquisite, but at the same time simple. See for yourself, for example, you can equip your bedroom in this way, using a few simple rules.

The main feature of the Japanese style in the interior of the bedroom is the situation on the principle of less – it means better. Are you used to the expensive-ornate rule? Try a completely new approach, it will transform the room into a luxurious resting place for body and soul.

If you decide to equip your bedroom in the Japanese style, then you should start from the floor. Japanese are usually laid on the floor tatami – special traditional national mats, woven from reeds and stuffed with rice straw. Tatami is very comfortable for walking without shoes, you will like it. It is possible to lay tatami for the contrast of sensations not on the whole floor, but only on the sides of the bed, where you will comfortably advance.

Bed, for greater similarity, it is better to buy a low, it is possible with storage systems. The main thing is its elegant modesty and at the same time nobility, which is expressed in clean straight lines of the structure. You can even lay mats on the floor.

Also decide on the color scheme of the bedroom. By tradition, the Japanese style to the natural color combinations, to the color of the earth and dry grass: beige, brown, cream, black. These colors are well suited for the design of walls, and individual color spots enter into the interior as accents. Most often for this purpose use blue, green, orange or red colors.

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