Nowadays every person who is going to renovate his apartment would naturally grow pensive about the future style of the room. Probably one of the most difficult things is to decide on future bedroom interior. Let us find out which bedroom design is best to choose.

Provence is the most popular style to make a cozy bedroom. This is a synonym for comfort, lightness and peace. If you choose this style for your future bedroom, make sure to keep unique provencal range of colours. Bring painted furniture and use white plaster to decorate the walls. Another good option instead of white is to apply different shades of blue, green and terracotta. But even in this case using white details is a must. As for the furniture, paint it whatever color you like. The pieces of furniture decorated with hand-painted patterns look the most racy and stylish.

Orient style is a good way to fill your bedroom with passion and romance. Close the window with roller blinds or roller jalousie. Dark color scheme should dominate there. Also there may be white, turquoise, light green colors in the room.

If you like standard design classic style bedroom would be naturally the most appropriate solution.

In general there are a lot of ways to decorate your bedroom. Even slight nuances are important as they can make difference. For example, curtains which you choose:
Vertical blinds
It is suggested to use such type of blinds in school or office. They can impart special style to the room.

Horizontal blinds
This option is installed in the room where it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. Such blinds are made of aluminum tapes with special spraying.
Austrian blind
These curtains are somewhat reminiscent of the French ones. The fabric is collected in special festoons, but only in the bottom of the cloth.

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