Modern design solutions
Of particular relevance and with maximum expressiveness, conciseness, and compositional accuracy, design ideas based on the styles of loft, hi-tech, etc., differ.
One of the most fashionable styles, characterized by a large number of light and incredible urban chic, is a loft. Modern kitchens decorated in this style stand out for their simplicity, high functional characteristics and original details that reproduce the surroundings of an industrial enterprise.
The design of the kitchen in the style of minimalism involves the organization of space using a small number of strictly necessary elements. Among the most important principles when creating such a design, one should highlight a competent layout, the absence of partitions, spatial freedom, soft multi-level lighting, simplicity of forms, lack of decor, graphic design, monochrome color palette. This style is especially suitable for apartments in a small area.

The modern kitchen is rarely stylish and practical at the same time, the reason for this – a small area. Nevertheless, with the help of small tricks, you can visually increase the room, while achieving both comfort and coziness.
1. In the interior of the kitchen is better to focus on the monotony of the tones. The cabinets are visually lost on the background of the walls, painted in the same color, so space will seem bigger. The white color is the best choice in the design of a small kitchen.
2. Rationally use the space of walls. Replace the shelves with classic vertical cabinets. High narrow canisters assume more space for storage of utensils, because of what the situation will be more orderly. The only condition is that they should be convenient for them, and they should not touch the fridge or the curtains with the doors.
3. To optimize space in a small kitchen, shelves can be installed above the dining table, or above or below the window. Decorative vases or small items on the shelves (jars of spices, glasses, mugs) should be placed where they are most often used.
4. Small forms of household appliances are more effective than large and bulky ones. If you want to supplement the interior with a stove with six burners and a large oven, do not forget that this model will be sharply dissonant in a small kitchen, space will shrink. An alternative option is to replace the cumbersome model with a stove and oven that can be installed separately, depending on the design of the furniture. Thus, under the stove built into the countertop, you can design a cupboard for dishes.
5. Place the mirrors in the kitchen. This is one of the tricks that designers recommend. So the interior of the kitchen will appear not only more but also much brighter.
6. Be sure to consider the local lighting system, since it is proved that in a room with a single lamp, there is always a shortage of light, and in the corners, it is constantly dark. For example, in addition to the classic lighting, in the washing zone, it is not superfluous to install a luminaire, and narrow sconces can be placed on the sides of the window.

The bedroom is a place where people spend the most part of their lives. It must be suitable for high-grade rest, therefore, very important factors are to be taken into account during developing of interior design for this special room.
The bedroom is not only a comfortable bed itself but also a pleasant environment in which its owners could completely relax and have a rest. When planning the future interior first of all it is necessary to take into account the tastes and preferences of its owners as well as size and shape of the room. Such important work can be entrusted only to professionals.

Applying to 3D UNIT Company, you get a high-quality design-project of bedroom interior. Professional and well-established in this field designers with extensive experience will help you to create and implement the best ideas. Using an individual approach in bedroom interior designing, experts create the unique beauty and comfort place to stay and suggest the arrangement of this room in various styles and directions. Properly planned zones allow not only to create coziness but also to make a comfortable and functional room if it is necessary. Using the best developments and high quality materials, experts of this field can successfully combine the color solution, flooring and walls texture, curtains and upholstery as well as propose the original lighting of the room that will provide a soft light creating a calm and peaceful environment. Furniture for the bedroom must fully comply with the specified style and at the same time have a high quality that meets all standards. An important factor in interior designing is furniture location. The color solution of the interior in many ways depends on southern or northern location of the furniture. The presence of this or that furniture completely depends on size and functional features of the entire room.

Having used services of 3D UNIT Company, you can become an owner of stylish and cozy interior design of this private room. Taking into account all the wishes of the client, high-level professionals create the unique interior that will fully meet the taste and mood of its owners. And only natural materials and exclusive decorative elements are used to create the unique atmosphere of comfort and peace.